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Geist no. Maja Hammarén page Report 5 Stockholm, 18th of June, On the 10th of May an institution which in many aspects is similar to a governmental body, but still without a concrete and distinct shape, acquiring its tentative form by exposing itself to different complexes of problems, decided to put together a working group with the purpose of inquiring about the meaning and status of the method within artistic practices and in artistic research, a domain which is sometimes referred to as practice-based research. The inquiry has two main goals: to propose different ways of posing the question of method, and to investigate the possible forms of a methodological discussion within the domain of art from the following three aspects: field, method, practice. By submitting the question of method for consideration to a number of authorities, the group will gather data and perspectives which will serve as a basis åkte a report. What kind of practices can stage, or be staged ort, such a methodology? The intention is to give the inquiry a broad approach; the question of method also incorporates questions concerning the position of artistic practice on the whole, inom. Through artistic practice the question of method is also activated in förhållande to semiotic and hermeneutic dimensions of art as well as in förhållande to the context of art institutions and art discourses. The following pages outline some issues relevant to the project.

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